Fly Casting Beauty

This is an example of the beauty and artistry that comes from a well cast fly line. Nicely done.


ICA Stairwell


Drawing Fish 52

Jeff Kennedy's Atlantic Salmon
Jason Borger's Steelhead

Every Week for all of 2011, Jason Borger and Jeff Kennedy have been painting a fish portrait in thirty minutes or under and then posting them on their respective blogs. It's worth checking out these two very talented artists each week to see what they are up to. As they wrestle with time and technique their interpretations can become quite interesting. Sometimes you can even buy their weekly works and at great prices too.

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails {Trailer} from Mad Phil Media on Vimeo.

I hope this teaser turns into a full blown production. I'm already "hooked"!

The Berkshires

Blue Staicase
We ventured to the Berkshires this summer for a weekend of music, gardens and mountain vistas. The goal was to attend two concerts at Tanglewood and take in some of the sights. We made it to the Berkshire Botanical Garden, The Norman Rockwell Museum and to Naumkeag. All with wonderful plantings and landscape design. We're so lucky to have the mountains in the west and the seacoast in the east. The combination of the lush landscape, iconic american images and the amazing music made for a decadent weekend retreat. There are some pictures from our weekend in the Photo Album.

Purple Sage Pottery

Purple Sage Pottery

A couple of weekends ago we had the opportunity to attend the fall studio sale at Purple Sage Pottery. The owner and principal at the studio is Iris Minc. I have known Iris for many years but have not seen her in for the past fifteen. It was nice to reconnect with her and also see her work. Many things have remained the same in her designs but she also has some new additions. It was fun to look at pieces that she has for sale knowing I have a twenty year old replica of the same thing. I'm always proud and delighted to use pieces I have gotten from Iris. Her pottery is an integral part of our kitchen. While other pieces have been victims of a free flight and an abrupt stop, I still have many that will become heirlooms upon my demise. Iris has classic arts and crafts style with her own touches of personal flair and whimsey. Browse her gallery and see what you like.

Air Fish

The Guys over at First Light Anglers posted this on the forum and I have to share it with you. While watching you can almost forget that there is no water around.

Air Art
from flip on Vimeo.



Just as I was about post this, I noticed this in my feed reader. Although his is much neater. What are the odds that we both thought of this today?

Connect the dots
You can download your own set of dots here. I first mentioned Jeff and Drawing Flies 365 in January. He is still going strong passing the three hundred mark today.

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd show you the print we purchased of the Copper Paint Factory. It is a montage by Judith Robinson-Cox entitled Copper Paint Montage #3. We were surprised to notice we have Copy 1 of 25. Then we found out she lives very close to us. We are really enjoying this print. It really cheers up our upstairs hallway. We hope you like it too.


Copper Paint
An iconic landmark was open this weekend here in Gloucester that we could not pass up. The Copper Paint Factory that guards Gloucester's inner harbor was open to the public for an art exhibition featuring local artists representations of this classic building. All this to raise money for the new owners the Ocean Alliance. Here is how they describe themselves:

Ocean Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 1971 by biologist Roger Payne. Led by Dr. Payne and Chief Executive Officer Iain Kerr, Ocean Alliance collects a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life relating particularly to toxicology, behavior, bioacoustics, and genetics. From that data we work with our scientific partners to advise educators and policy makers on wise stewardship of the oceans to: reduce pollution, prevent the collapse of marine mammal populations, maintain human access to fish and other sea life, and benefit ocean and human health.

They plan to rehabilitate the property and turn it into their new headquarters while maintaining the architectural integrity of the of the buildings. This will preserve one of the classic icons of the waterfront.

We ventured over to satisfy our long time curiosity and were struck by the beautiful weathered structures and abandoned inner workings of a factory more than one hundred years old. This was coupled with an exhibit of all the unique representations the artists have created of the factory. We met many old and new friends and learned more about the Ocean Alliance. The visit also resulted in the purchase of a photographic montage that I'll have to show you later along with an artifact from the building we had to have.

There is a new album page documenting some of the things we saw while there. I will also highlight a couple of the artists we met while there in future posts.


I've seen two posts from coworkers in so many days about a new web application written by Jonathan Feinberg called Wordle. It takes any text you give it and creates a word cloud based on frequency. You can then manipulate it for orientation, font and color palette. I thought I'd give it a try. What grand literary work do I have to my credit for uploading? Nuttin. . . But I took my NaBloPoMo 2007 postings and came up with a word cloud that I thought was pretty interesting.

Kung Hei Fat Choy

Kung Hei Fat Choy
(Click the image to play)

I just got this greeting from Naxos and I wanted to share it with you. There is a free download of the song too! Naxos also has a great podcast if you want to learn more about classical music. Their goal is to record and distribute, at a reasonable price as many classical works as possible. Only a very tiny percentage of all the classical music written has actually been recorded. I think this is a very worthy goal.

This is the year of the Earth Rat. May your Rat be healthy and prosperous!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Drawing Flies 365

I thought 30 days of blogging was tough. How about drawing every day for a year and then blogging about it daily. That's commitment! Jeff Kennedy will draw a fly fishing fly every day for a year and post the results over at his Drawing Flies Blog. The art work is wonderful and he is drawing using a wide range of media. Good Luck Jeff.

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