New Endeavor

Just thought I'd update you on a project that I've started in pursuit of a more formal development education. I'm prototyping a website for an HTML class that will hopefully be called Man At The Wheel. You can see what I've been up to by clicking on the screen shot below.

Man At The Wheel

RapidWeaver 4.0.1 and Rapidblog 1.60

Finally got a chance to do some upgrades this week. I'm very happy to see a few things in Rapidblog have been updated. Permalinks are now a hotlink in title again. My blog post editor finally opens with the most recent entries showing immediately. It was annoying having to scroll up to find my last words of wisdom. There seems to be a change in comments expansion. What this means I don't know until after I post and try it for myself. I'll make an addendum when I figure that out.

RapidWeaver has had a UI facelift and is much more Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) like now. It is much easier to edit image attributes with the media inspector button at the top. I used to have to double click the image. If there was a link assigned to the image it was a clickfest to get it to correctly launch what i wanted. They also shipped some nifty web badges so I guess I'll attribute RapidWeaver in the sidebar now.

I have company in the driveway. More later. . .

7/14 Much later. Things look good. Comments still popping up in a separate Haloscan window. This is frustrating. I'd like to have all comments read and entered on the permalink page. I'll fuss with more later. Upload performance also seems optimized. Nice!


I've seen two posts from coworkers in so many days about a new web application written by Jonathan Feinberg called Wordle. It takes any text you give it and creates a word cloud based on frequency. You can then manipulate it for orientation, font and color palette. I thought I'd give it a try. What grand literary work do I have to my credit for uploading? Nuttin. . . But I took my NaBloPoMo 2007 postings and came up with a word cloud that I thought was pretty interesting.

My "Not So" WABAC Machine

What happens to 500GB in 1.5 months with Time Machine

I find this amusing since I am not very prolific in the art of file creation and acquisition. Seems like the HALF TERABYTE (500GB) hard drive I bought, in addition to the local half terabyte on my new iMac, will only hold a tad less than a month and half of data. So much for "total" recall of my old files using Apple's Time Machine. It is also interesting that I have used about 90GB on the local machine. Apple's suggestion of using a different backup disk tempts me to go buy stock in Apple hard drives. I suppose I'll now have to trim down on what actually should be backed up and how frequently it is done. This should be interesting. Thanks to Mr. Peabody for the first WABAC Machine.

I've carved into a rock and made my mark

Babson Bolder
Babson Bolders; from The Dacrons

I found out yesterday that a change I suggested some time ago for my product will now be adopted for our much larger product. It's really only a wording change, but I know I suggested it. Thanks to a co-worker who pushed it through with some convincing arguments it will be changed. I know that once I see it implemented, the fact that 130 million users will be affected, will give me a little giggle. If I went into detail it would be pretty boring so I'll keep up you in suspense. Many of my coworkers have made changes to the product and they are both profound and patented. My change was neither. I guess sometimes it's the small things that give us a grin.


All the posts are now copied over to the new format. I had to use the Force Sync and the Manually Re-Sync With Blogger button to get the postings over instead of using the Publish button. I know you have no Idea what I'm talking about but I'm writing this down so I don't forget it. This post was made from my desktop and Rapidweaver.

RapidBlog and Blogger aren't playing very well

Frustrations abound and apologies are sent to you, my dear internet, for not posting very often. I'm in the middle of trying to get a program called RapidBlog to play nice with Blogger and RapidWeaver. When all goes well I should be able to make blog postings from anywhere in the world that has internet access to Blogger. Right now I can oly blog from one machine. I know, I know that is soooo Web 1.0. With the RapidBlog program I will have a mirror account to my blog on Blogger and both will synchronize automagically via a PHP script. To me this is very cool and solves a lot of problems for $14.95. The makers of RapidBlog, LogHound Software blame this on Blogger not accepting more than fifty posts in a day. I can understand this because evil assholes who do no good probably abuse Blogger with automation scripting to add crap the the blogosphere. They do this in order to advance their pitiful ways. This new sport is uses splogs. They are phony blogs or spam blogs that cross reference popular blogs pointing to a beneficiary site to increase it's Google rating. To counteract this, Blogger blocked my last nine posts that exceeded the fifty post limit per day, and now I am blocked from posting anything through my sync agent in RapidBlog/Weaver. There is this ditty called captcha that is stopping me and throwing 404 errors. Captcha doesn't think I'm human so it is blocking me. I'm trying to rectify it now. If you look at my website toolbar on the top right of the sidebar you will notice I have two blogs listed, The Blog and Synched Blog. Eventually Synched Blog will become The Blog. I am keeping the two for now to counteract frustrating situations like this. Yes, I have backed up my website, have you? Please bare with me and send sympathy cards.

My friend has the only speaking part

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