New Twitter Embed Code

Just Installed a new Twitter Widget on the right hand sidebar. Now I'm awaiting an upgrade to my twitter account so that I can capture tweets and embed them with web actions such as; Reply, Retweet and Favorite, right from the embedded code.

Here is a screen shot of an example.


Blogger Comments Win!

After trying to chase down issues with Echo and reviewing my options it became apparent that Using Blogger's comment engine is the way to go. Echo who bought Haloscan, my original comment engine wants to increase the annual fee four fold. Blogger's offering is more to my liking - FREE. There are several options for logging into the comments, even anonymously. Comment at will!
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Looks like I'm posting

Little upset that NaBlopoMo has been taken over by BlogHER. Although men are welcome, It's kind of like being invited to a bridal shower. Thanks for the thought, but is it OK if I don't go?
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It's that time of year again!

Well folks, It's time again for late nights and remote posts. This year there may be a strong concentration of photography. I'm learning a bunch of new things and I will have to share them. I hope you will enjoy the images and feel free to give feedback. We'll see how it goes. I also want to invite and inspire a few more folks to join the fray. Happy NaBloPoMo everyone.

I Decided To Take The Night Off From Blogging

See. . . nothing here. Just this empty post. Move along now.

All I Got Was This Lousy Sense Of Accomplishment

NaBloPoMo Accomplishment Badge

NaBloPoMo has come to an end. The marathon is over. I'm glad I joined again this year. It is very fun to do and it does feel really good to accomplish this. I might even get to take a night off now. A huge congratulations to Andrea for also finishing this year. I knew she could do it. I'm also curious to hear who will be my prize recipient. I donated a dozen fly fishing flies to this years prize pool. As always, thanks to Eden Kennedy for creating such a wonderful event.


New Links Page

  • The links page has been completed with commentary on each of the links.
  • Your welcome.
  • A lot more verbose than most links list.
  • Tell me about all the typos please.
  • I think I'll add a very concise favorite blogs list on the sidebar at some point.

I Diserve This Lame Post

Why? Just look over there to the right. See that. See that new menu Item over there in the sidebar. The one that says "Links." That was one big mutha of a job I tell you. My neck is still sore from staring at the screen formatting all that. You can go have yourself a look. See what I enjoy on the interweb. Nice category headers, nice spiffy hyperlinks. It ain't blogging but it is more content for this here site. I hope you like it all tidy like and on it's own page. That is one of the benefits of having your own site. Another benefit is the heart attack you get when the web publishing software you use for the site presents you with an upgrade that tanks your blog during NaBloPoMo. No more upgrades this month! Live and learn.

This Stuff Isn't Rocket Science

I hope you'll never notice all the things that just went wrong with this site. When things go wrong they can go very wrong. When you have to repair about fifty images and you have made a backup of deleted files, just in case, you're thankful for the discipline your career has taught you. This is the beauty of the smoke and mirrors we call HTML, the markup language used to create all that is made on the web. Because I have upgraded the software and the add-ins for this site several times it has gone through a lot of churn. This has resulted in phantom pages being created, split comment entries and the several repairs resulting in the loss of many images. I think I just fixed them all. The phantom page still has an address but through the magic of PHP, I have redirected the user seamlessly to the correct page. This means that now everyone should literally be on the same page.

Huge thanks goes to my niece Andrea who helped with the EUEKA moment when she noticed a legacy menu item being displayed by the phantom page. This lead to the discovery that the web software does not clean up the server when you delete a page. This is probably an intended feature to protect the user from doing harm to themselves. Why a deleted page continues to be updated, I have no Idea. With a little HTML duct tape and PHP bailing wire, I think I can move on. No, it's not rocket science but sometimes I wish I could fix these things with a wrench, hammer and screwdriver. I'm much more comfortable with those kinds of tools.

I ask two favors of you my wonderful readers. If you have subscribed to the RSS feed for this blog prior to this week, please delete the subscription and re-subscribe. You can use the GIANT RSS BUTTON on my home page. Go ahead click on it, it will not bite you. Second, Please leave a witty comment so that we can exercise the the comment service and make sure it is performing well. I am now greatly indebted to you. Thank you very much.

I'm registered again for NaBloPoMo

I just can't help myself. I love to over commit! Another thirty daily posts coming your way in November. This year the NaBloPoMo prize list will be graced with a dozen flies I will tie for some lucky winner who successfully posts every day. I could even blog about the flies I make for the prize. I've got to keep the content fountain flowing. Already I'm armed with an ideas folder full of stuff to blog about and a huge backlog of things I should have told you about earlier, because I'VE BEEN SANDBAGGING ALL SUMMER. Additionally I have the remote blogging software Rapidblog set up. I did not have that wonderful tool last year. Rapidblog allowed me to blog from England earlier this year.

I encourage my blogging friends to try and participate in NaBloPoMo. It is really fun and quite rewarding. Find out more about NaBloPoMo 2008 and sign up.

RapidWeaver 4.0.1 and Rapidblog 1.60

Finally got a chance to do some upgrades this week. I'm very happy to see a few things in Rapidblog have been updated. Permalinks are now a hotlink in title again. My blog post editor finally opens with the most recent entries showing immediately. It was annoying having to scroll up to find my last words of wisdom. There seems to be a change in comments expansion. What this means I don't know until after I post and try it for myself. I'll make an addendum when I figure that out.

RapidWeaver has had a UI facelift and is much more Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) like now. It is much easier to edit image attributes with the media inspector button at the top. I used to have to double click the image. If there was a link assigned to the image it was a clickfest to get it to correctly launch what i wanted. They also shipped some nifty web badges so I guess I'll attribute RapidWeaver in the sidebar now.

I have company in the driveway. More later. . .

7/14 Much later. Things look good. Comments still popping up in a separate Haloscan window. This is frustrating. I'd like to have all comments read and entered on the permalink page. I'll fuss with more later. Upload performance also seems optimized. Nice!


I've seen two posts from coworkers in so many days about a new web application written by Jonathan Feinberg called Wordle. It takes any text you give it and creates a word cloud based on frequency. You can then manipulate it for orientation, font and color palette. I thought I'd give it a try. What grand literary work do I have to my credit for uploading? Nuttin. . . But I took my NaBloPoMo 2007 postings and came up with a word cloud that I thought was pretty interesting.


All the posts are now copied over to the new format. I had to use the Force Sync and the Manually Re-Sync With Blogger button to get the postings over instead of using the Publish button. I know you have no Idea what I'm talking about but I'm writing this down so I don't forget it. This post was made from my desktop and Rapidweaver.

RapidBlog and Blogger aren't playing very well

Frustrations abound and apologies are sent to you, my dear internet, for not posting very often. I'm in the middle of trying to get a program called RapidBlog to play nice with Blogger and RapidWeaver. When all goes well I should be able to make blog postings from anywhere in the world that has internet access to Blogger. Right now I can oly blog from one machine. I know, I know that is soooo Web 1.0. With the RapidBlog program I will have a mirror account to my blog on Blogger and both will synchronize automagically via a PHP script. To me this is very cool and solves a lot of problems for $14.95. The makers of RapidBlog, LogHound Software blame this on Blogger not accepting more than fifty posts in a day. I can understand this because evil assholes who do no good probably abuse Blogger with automation scripting to add crap the the blogosphere. They do this in order to advance their pitiful ways. This new sport is uses splogs. They are phony blogs or spam blogs that cross reference popular blogs pointing to a beneficiary site to increase it's Google rating. To counteract this, Blogger blocked my last nine posts that exceeded the fifty post limit per day, and now I am blocked from posting anything through my sync agent in RapidBlog/Weaver. There is this ditty called captcha that is stopping me and throwing 404 errors. Captcha doesn't think I'm human so it is blocking me. I'm trying to rectify it now. If you look at my website toolbar on the top right of the sidebar you will notice I have two blogs listed, The Blog and Synched Blog. Eventually Synched Blog will become The Blog. I am keeping the two for now to counteract frustrating situations like this. Yes, I have backed up my website, have you? Please bare with me and send sympathy cards.

Sometimes You Get Surprised

Software can sometimes be frustrating and other times it can surprise you. Today, quality time was spent giving this site a new look. I was pleasantly surprised with the theme that I am using from MultiThemes. It is an add on theme to RapidWeaver, the software I use to build this site. Using the theme was a pleasure. I was able to control many things. Believe it or not, there was a lot of work to get the site to look this sparse. One of the best things about the theme was that it was free! I hope the new look is compelling enough for people to want to stick around.

Two things are currently on my mind about the site. First, I don't think that the hyperlink color is very distinguishable from the rest of the text in the posting body. Unfortunately it is tied to the color of the categories, tags, archives and other text in the sidebar as well as above and below each posting. Those elements are all hot or hyper links. For some reason the link text does not stick out as much when it is in with a lot of other text. Do you think the links are distinct enough? Second issue, I am not sure if I should have a home page or just have the blog be the home page. This website is more than a blog and that is why I have kept it. It has the two albums and the weather page. I'll also add a links page and other different pages at some point in the future. Because there are other things besides a blog here, I may be compelled to keep it. I know the home page is not the place where I have put the most up to date information. The blog has been the place for current events. When I add or change something on the site, I usually blog about it anyway. Let me know if you think the home page should stay or go. Remember to vote early and vote often.

While editing the home page today, I discovered I had not updated it in a year. Olivia the former star attraction on page one, will be a year old next week! The new photo is from the marsh behind my house. We are lucky to be living in such a beautiful area.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks,

We're back from Florida where we had a visit with my in-laws. I have some stuff to post but I am going to try and upgrade the site first. Wish me luck. I have also moved the software over to a newer machine. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly.

Propeller Head Stuff

During this month's posting blitz I have made some small changes to the site. Some of the changes were done consciously and others were feature changes caused by a software upgrade. RapidWeaver version 3.6.5 is the software tool used to create this website. This website is being maintained using an Apple Macintosh computer .

For my own records and your unbridled curiosity in all things geeky, I'll list the changes to the site since the beginning of the month.

  • RapidWeaver software upgrade
  • I fixed my poor grammar in the banner slogan, replacing "of" with "from."
  • NaBloPoMo badge/link added to the sidebar
  • Tags feature added to postings
  • Tags cloud added in the sidebar
  • Tags are now in each posting
  • Category counts removed (reduces processing time during publishing)
  • "Category" in each posting changed to "Filed in"
  • Category delimiter changed from "," to "|" (That thing is called a pipe)
  • Multiple Categories and Tags are now supported
  • Removed "Permalink" at bottom of each post.
  • Each post title is now a hyperlink to the permanent link page
  • Comments can now be entered on the permanent link page, avoiding the comments pop-up
  • HaloScan comments engine upgraded
  • All images posted in the blog are viewable from a Photo Album page called "Stuff From the Blog"
  • Standardization of photo's in The Blog.
  • "Contact me" in footer was removed.
  • Archive no longer shows empty months.

After this month there should be some major changes. A new look and feel is planned. The blog will also move to the home page. When the new hardware is set up and working, there will finally be live weather updates. I'm too cheap to keep the current computer running 24/7 for updates. The new hardware will significantly reduce energy consumption. I'll have more on the hardware later.

Let me know if you noticed any other recent changes not documented here. If there is something want to see changed please let me know.

I upgraded the website software

If you see anything horrible please let me know.

Well. . . You have to start somewhere.

This is a start anyway. I have this new program called RapidWeaver that I'm going to test drive. The thing is pretty darn easy to use. It's a "just add water" kind of tool for creating your own website. Let's see if my grandiose ideas can make it on to paper. . er. . . um electronically rendered content? Whatever! Let me know what you think, and don't be shy.

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