Autumn Zoom

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Autumn Zoom 2

Here's a fun camera technique that allows you to achieve an amazing motion effect. The non-manipulated image is below. This effect is achieved not with my trusty Lensbaby, but with a zoom lens and a slow shutter speed. That's all! I used my 18 - 55mm kit lens for this shot. First you'll have to select a shutter speed that will allow you to record the motion. Try something like 1/8 or 1/4 of a second. Adjust your f-stop accordingly for the correct exposure or use shutter priority exposure mode. While exposing the image turn your zoom ring smoothly either in or out while pressing the shutter. Start the zoom just before you press the shutter and continue to turn the zoom ring after the shutter closes. Starting before and ending after the exposure assures you that there are smooth zoom streaks during the exposure. You can use a tripod, but It is not necessary at these shutter speeds. I was able to make this exposure hand held. Go ahead and experiment with different motions and speeds. You will come up with your own unique and interesting effects.

Autumn Zoom 1
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