Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the readers and commenters of this blog. It is a real lift to know so many of you follow along during this adventure called NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. This is the third year this blog has participated in the event. Coming along for the ride this year was an old friend from high school, Ken with his blog; A passionate Engagement, a new found relative, my wife's cousin Lauren; right brain dominant and a cyber fly fishing buddy John; Whiskey Creek Fly Fishing. They all participated and got their thirty posts up. I hope they had a great time too. I enjoyed reading all their posts an commenting when I had something to say. Ken sorta blew the doors off NaBloPoMo with over ninety posts and averaging three to four postings a day.

This year focused more on photography, because I thought it would be easier and save time. Not true on either account, but it was less angst ridden. Writing is very hard for me, so posting mostly photos this year was a nice respite. Going out and shooting and then processing the images was actually more time consuming. Total images posted for the month was thirty one. Of those seventeen were shot during the month. All the images were post processed in Photoshop Lightroom before being uploaded. Some had minor tweaks, while others had many adjustments made to them. I'm still learning but I know my former experience has helped in some ways.

Thanks again and I hope you'll be back soon.
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