I agree with Eden

I agree with what Eden said. But George is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was also full of mischief and a great deal of fun.

Me and the Guys with George at The Perfect Storm Press Junket
I'm the fat one.

My "Not So" WABAC Machine

What happens to 500GB in 1.5 months with Time Machine

I find this amusing since I am not very prolific in the art of file creation and acquisition. Seems like the HALF TERABYTE (500GB) hard drive I bought, in addition to the local half terabyte on my new iMac, will only hold a tad less than a month and half of data. So much for "total" recall of my old files using Apple's Time Machine. It is also interesting that I have used about 90GB on the local machine. Apple's suggestion of using a different backup disk tempts me to go buy stock in Apple hard drives. I suppose I'll now have to trim down on what actually should be backed up and how frequently it is done. This should be interesting. Thanks to Mr. Peabody for the first WABAC Machine.

I've carved into a rock and made my mark

Babson Bolder
Babson Bolders; from The Dacrons

I found out yesterday that a change I suggested some time ago for my product will now be adopted for our much larger product. It's really only a wording change, but I know I suggested it. Thanks to a co-worker who pushed it through with some convincing arguments it will be changed. I know that once I see it implemented, the fact that 130 million users will be affected, will give me a little giggle. If I went into detail it would be pretty boring so I'll keep up you in suspense. Many of my coworkers have made changes to the product and they are both profound and patented. My change was neither. I guess sometimes it's the small things that give us a grin.

Boston Derby Dames Roll On


We spent another Saturday night at Roller Derby. Poor Evilicious did a face plant into the wall. OUCH! The Wicked Pissahs have already moved into the finals. Now the Nutcrackers and the Cosmonaughties will have to duke it out for a playoff spot. We wish Evilicious the best in her recovery. Here is an Excerpt from the Boston Derby Dames website:

The Wicked Pissahs fought off a strong early attack from the Cosmonaughties to clinch a 103-64 win on February 9, guaranteeing their place in June's championship bout. Now the Cosmos get ready for an April rematch against the Nutcrackers to determine which team is best poised to stop the Pissahs from a second championship title. Our roving play-by-play reporter Mr. Hits will be checking in with his bout recap shortly, so check back soon.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for Wicked Pissah MVP Evilicious, who left last night's bout in an ambulance after taking a hard hit into the wall late in the third period. She's at home sipping martinis through a straw while recovering from having broken her nose in four places and getting more than 30 stitches in her face. Broken and bruised, but more evil than ever.

With more than 1,600 people in the audience, this bout broke all previous attendance records. Thank you!

We brought three new fans to the bout and they are now hooked. Everyone had a great time and we can't wait for more action. Next bout is March 9. Hope to see you there.


I'm glad it's not as bad the nerd score.

I just found this and had to share it with you. I'm glad it's not as bad the nerd score.

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Via CuriousMitch

My Simpsons Avatar


Stuck to the Trees

Stuck to the Trees

Kung Hei Fat Choy

Kung Hei Fat Choy
(Click the image to play)

I just got this greeting from Naxos and I wanted to share it with you. There is a free download of the song too! Naxos also has a great podcast if you want to learn more about classical music. Their goal is to record and distribute, at a reasonable price as many classical works as possible. Only a very tiny percentage of all the classical music written has actually been recorded. I think this is a very worthy goal.

This is the year of the Earth Rat. May your Rat be healthy and prosperous!

Happy Chinese New Year!

No Bunny Wednesday

No Bunny Wednesday
Moody Special, A big honkin' Sand Eel and Dave Skok's PC Clouser.

Last night Captain Nat Moody of First Light Anglers used no bunny fur to instruct our class. After quelling the unsettled surprise of the class we got down to business. First up was the Moody Special which is Nat's deadly imitation of a Mummy Chub. (I know I've butchered the name. Leave a comment and help me out folks.) This is an early spring bait fish pattern that Nat says has been extremely successful. Next the classic Clouser with a twist, using some of Dave Skok's material for the belly and then some Kinky Fiber. Finally an all Slinky Fiber Sand Eel pattern. We got to tie two of each of these flies during the class and I managed to squeeze in three more for a good night of nine flies. My sideline flies were two more Mini Gurglers and a Deceiver with a deer hair head in the same colors as the Moody Special. I also discovered I need a sippy cup for the second week in a row.



I just found out about dogcow by way of 43 Folders. Thanks Merlin! This is just plain cute. Go here to get all the facts.


Fly Tying Update

I need to bring you up to date on what I've been tying for the last three weeks. I'll roll all three sessions into one post. Let's start with January 16, and instructor John Kelsey. John is a meticulous tier and his flies are some of the most striking and beautiful in my fly box. He likes sparse flies in the style of Ken Abrames. During a discussion on the First Light Anglers Discussion Board the topic of small krill type flies for striped bass was brought up. Many times they are feeding on very small crustasions and will not take a respectable fishy looking fly. John has discovered that they become selective when feeding on this smaller food. My take is that if they are taking small food they get fixed on quantity of a single source to fill their belly. Thus the selectivity. To combat this John has created some flies that give the impression of that food. Here is part of that prolific evening. I tied a total of nine flies that night.

John Kelsey - Tiny Striper Flies
Soft Hackle, Krill, 10 Strand Streamer, Saltwater Bivisible, Orange Worm, Little Garthside Gurgler.

Next on January 23 we were double teamed by Dan Harrison of Harrison Anglers in Western Massachusetts and Walt (Otter) Mueller Jr. of Blue River Designs in Breckenridge, Colorado. Dan showed us all the merits of foam by tying the Fat Albert. I was able to to complete two. I was surprised at how easy and fun these flies were to tie. Dan assures us that this is one of the most complex foam flies. If we can tie this one, we can tie most of the other foam dries. He was a great instructor and he's also a fine writer. He was just published in the most recent issue of Fly Fisherman.

Following Dan was Walt Mueller, Jr. who is the inventor of "Soft Milking Eggs" from the Montana Fly Company. This product looks amazingly like real salmon eggs. They even sell fertilized and un-fertilized imitations. The antron fibers represent the light cloud of milt on the eggs and also help to hold the egg on the hook. This is a simple and effective pattern during spawning season. Otter says they will trigger a strike during any season. He also showed us a simple one material midge pattern.

Fat Albert, Midge and Eggs
Fat Alberts, Midge and Eggs over easy.

This past week George Sprague showed us some very cool techniques for Crease Flies. These flies are gaining wide acceptance in the salt water fly fishing community in spite of their resemblance to a traditional fishing lure. George has taken the art of this foam creation to new heights. I was very impressed with these flies, even with the quality of my amateur efforts. These flies were also fun to tie. I can't wait to try some on the water.

Crease Flies
Crease Flies.

There's your update. Tight Lines!

I'm Getting Excited

I just saw these,

I'm sure the MacBook Air isn't far behind. I can't wait!

Carter Takes First Place in the Pinewood Derby!

In the home of Indy Racing League our Tiger Cub came in first. Seven is a lucky birthday. Totally awesome, totally! Congratulations Carter.
For the full story go to More Than Just Corn.

Happy Birthday Carter!

Today you are a seven year old Tiger Cub. Seven is a very lucky year. We hope you have a lot of fun and all your Birthday wishes come true.

Drawing Flies 365

I thought 30 days of blogging was tough. How about drawing every day for a year and then blogging about it daily. That's commitment! Jeff Kennedy will draw a fly fishing fly every day for a year and post the results over at his Drawing Flies Blog. The art work is wonderful and he is drawing using a wide range of media. Good Luck Jeff.

via Moldy Chum

Harbour Snow

The power went out today and there was no PB & J in the house.
We went to lunch on the waterfront so someone else could cook.

Harbour Snow
The wet and heavy snow broke many tree limbs.
The cedar in the front yard bent like a lily in bloom.

Cedar under the load of snow

The snow stuck to everything.

The Snow stuck to everything

The pungent smell of the traps was startling in the pristine whiteness.

Smells the same

Tying Trout Flies with Patrick Brown

This week trout flies were on the menu. Three classics for every fly box.
The caddis is sweet! How do I know? I tasted it.

Pheasant Tail, Wooley Bugger, Caddis Pupae
Fly Tying with Patrick Brown - Pheasant Tail, Wooley Bugger, Caddis Pupae

Blue, White and Black



All the posts are now copied over to the new format. I had to use the Force Sync and the Manually Re-Sync With Blogger button to get the postings over instead of using the Publish button. I know you have no Idea what I'm talking about but I'm writing this down so I don't forget it. This post was made from my desktop and Rapidweaver.

Still Frustrated

I was just able to sync a single post successfully. Then I tried to do the remaining six or so posts left and got the famous 404 error again.

Blogger is not playing well again


RapidBlog and Blogger aren't playing very well

Frustrations abound and apologies are sent to you, my dear internet, for not posting very often. I'm in the middle of trying to get a program called RapidBlog to play nice with Blogger and RapidWeaver. When all goes well I should be able to make blog postings from anywhere in the world that has internet access to Blogger. Right now I can oly blog from one machine. I know, I know that is soooo Web 1.0. With the RapidBlog program I will have a mirror account to my blog on Blogger and both will synchronize automagically via a PHP script. To me this is very cool and solves a lot of problems for $14.95. The makers of RapidBlog, LogHound Software blame this on Blogger not accepting more than fifty posts in a day. I can understand this because evil assholes who do no good probably abuse Blogger with automation scripting to add crap the the blogosphere. They do this in order to advance their pitiful ways. This new sport is uses splogs. They are phony blogs or spam blogs that cross reference popular blogs pointing to a beneficiary site to increase it's Google rating. To counteract this, Blogger blocked my last nine posts that exceeded the fifty post limit per day, and now I am blocked from posting anything through my sync agent in RapidBlog/Weaver. There is this ditty called captcha that is stopping me and throwing 404 errors. Captcha doesn't think I'm human so it is blocking me. I'm trying to rectify it now. If you look at my website toolbar on the top right of the sidebar you will notice I have two blogs listed, The Blog and Synched Blog. Eventually Synched Blog will become The Blog. I am keeping the two for now to counteract frustrating situations like this. Yes, I have backed up my website, have you? Please bare with me and send sympathy cards.

A Wonderful Piece of New Year's Wisdom

I just read Death and Underachievement: A Guide to Happiness in Work by Ryan Norbauer over at 43 Folders. His compelling arguement, be happy with where you are right now, if you shot for the moon while setting all your goals, you may live a life of disappointment. He also reminds us just how small we are on the radar screen of life.

"each of us is one among 6.6 billion people (give or take), and that even if you were to attain a level of accomplishment that (let’s face it) you could never even dream of approaching—say, becoming prime minister of Canada—the vast majority of people now and ever living will never even have heard of you."

I guss this means not many people will ever read my blog. It's interesting, that I read this in anticipation of doing my annual review for work. Even more interesting is that Ryan is probably less than fifteen miles from me right now, a fact I discovered from his bio while creating his hotlink. By the way - Ryan is an overachiever as well as a very gifted writer.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

You're one year old today.
There is a wonderful posting over at momma's blog.
Birthday Girl

Sometimes You Get Surprised

Software can sometimes be frustrating and other times it can surprise you. Today, quality time was spent giving this site a new look. I was pleasantly surprised with the theme that I am using from MultiThemes. It is an add on theme to RapidWeaver, the software I use to build this site. Using the theme was a pleasure. I was able to control many things. Believe it or not, there was a lot of work to get the site to look this sparse. One of the best things about the theme was that it was free! I hope the new look is compelling enough for people to want to stick around.

Two things are currently on my mind about the site. First, I don't think that the hyperlink color is very distinguishable from the rest of the text in the posting body. Unfortunately it is tied to the color of the categories, tags, archives and other text in the sidebar as well as above and below each posting. Those elements are all hot or hyper links. For some reason the link text does not stick out as much when it is in with a lot of other text. Do you think the links are distinct enough? Second issue, I am not sure if I should have a home page or just have the blog be the home page. This website is more than a blog and that is why I have kept it. It has the two albums and the weather page. I'll also add a links page and other different pages at some point in the future. Because there are other things besides a blog here, I may be compelled to keep it. I know the home page is not the place where I have put the most up to date information. The blog has been the place for current events. When I add or change something on the site, I usually blog about it anyway. Let me know if you think the home page should stay or go. Remember to vote early and vote often.

While editing the home page today, I discovered I had not updated it in a year. Olivia the former star attraction on page one, will be a year old next week! The new photo is from the marsh behind my house. We are lucky to be living in such a beautiful area.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks,

We're back from Florida where we had a visit with my in-laws. I have some stuff to post but I am going to try and upgrade the site first. Wish me luck. I have also moved the software over to a newer machine. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly.

Banana Bread

Banana Bread
Made eight loaves this evening. Yummy! This is another tradition for the holidays. I got this recipe more than half a life ago in Marblehead. The trick to this recipe is the bananas are not even speckled yet. No brown gooey things here. I also use whole wheat flower for half of the flour and all purpose for the other half. Don't over mix the batter. Just mix enough until everything is combined.

Banana Bread from the Peach Family

1/2 cup Shortening
1 cup Sugar

2 eggs

1 cup bananas (2 - no speckles - fresh)
1 tsp. lemon juice (for color)

2 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt

1 cup nuts (optional)

Bake @ 325 degrees F
for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes watch and check with toothpick
(top should turn golden brown)

Tying Freshwater Flies with Rick Little

Fresh Water Flies Tied with Rick Little
From left to right; White Marabou Streamer, The Usual, Montreal Whore, Soft Hackle Wet Fly and Pink Floyd. These flies are from the heart of Maine. We tied these under the instruction of Rick Little. Rick is a long time member of the tying class at First Light Anglers. He is a great guy, a hell of a angler and an excellent tyer. He will be tying commercially for the shop this year. His class was well planned and he was thoughtful in his presentation. He supplied each student with a handout for the flies tied in the class. The handout will be posted on the discussion board at FLA. He tied each fly first, then had step by step instruction for everyone to follow. These flies were relatively easy flies to tie and all have a sense of motion and life in each pattern. This is due to the use of marabou, snowshoe hair and soft hackle. There will definitely be some additions from this class in my fly box next spring.

The commute home today was a tad long

I saw a lot of this today.
Snowstorm Traffic 12-13-2007
Total commute time - three hours fifty-five minutes. I had to stop once to clear the pile of snow the windshield wipers had made on the hood of the car. My iPod was full of podcasts to listen to. Had a long call with my niece. Didn't have a "bio" break. I must be getting mellow. No one had to peel me off the ceiling of the car when I arrived home. Once there, a fire was lit and the hot toddy's and dinner were made. Snug in our cozy home, in front of the fire, on a long winters night. The shoveling can wait till morning.

Barbie Legs?

You decide.
Barbie Legs Carrot

Following Sara's Instructions

Naked Jack-in-the-Pulpet Seeds
Per Sara's instructions, I donned surgical gloves and began squirting woody white seeds from the little red berries that could burn my skin off. The seeds were encased in a rusty colored goo that resembled the consistency of snot. After a while I figured out that if you rolled the seeds on a paper towel, the rusty snot would liberate itself from the seeds. Then they air dried for just a few minutes. After drying I rolled them on a new clean paper towel. This rolling removed the rest of the lethal snot/goo. I then placed them in a screen type strainer and gave them a light rinse, then it was back to a new paper towel for more drying. The picture above is the end result. They have now been placed in a paper envelope (never put them in plastic) where they will await planting in the spring. Why so much attention to detail? Any time you plan to propagate a plant that looks like this one does you take extra care. This plant has the potential to resemble a penis.

Roller Derby and Dewars - Can it get any better?

BDD & Dewars
Last night the after party was sponsored by Dewar's. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. . .

The bout was amazing. The Nutcrackers defeated the Cosmonaughties 69-42. This was a total vindication of the prior lopsided contest and more of what I want to see in Boston's newest sport. I'll reserve judgement on the other team in the league until we see their next appearance. There was nonstop action, great skating and the penalty box was crowded. The thrills and spills were nonstop and the off track entertainment was fun. The teams are skating better and we are seeing the jammers really come into their own. The skills of the pivots and blockers have improved and they are really regulating the pace of the game. Time is passing much more quickly and scores are being updated sooner. All these improvements are making for a much more enjoyable night of action and fun. Adding frosting to the cake, we met up with a new rolled derby celebrity Ballistic Miss L. of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby. It was a nice surprise to see her and for her to come all the way down from the wilds of central New Hampshire. Come with us to the next bout on February 9th and hopefully see a seagull get it's wings clipped.

Tying With Captain Peter Yukins

Flies Tied With Captain Peter Yukins
This weeks critters were tied with the help of Captain Peter Yukins. He is an employee of First Light Anglers and also guides on the North Shore.
From Left to right; Pete's version of a Ray's Fly, front view of Pete's Lobster Fly, Puglisi Style Cunner, Pete's Pheasant Style Cunner. The last fly is made by just layering bucktail and pheasant. A really nice looking fly. I added a natural eye from the pheasant rather than a 3-D eye. I like the old style look of the natural. This fly would look amazing with jungle cock eyes. The Mrs. thinks the Puglisi flies are "as cute as a button." I hope the fish think they are "so cute they could just eat 'em up!"

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seed Propagation

Jack-in-the-Pulpi Seeds
Sara, Mary and I have been having discussions about the Jack-in-the-Pulpit seeds from our garden. I just thought you'd like to read more about it.

Wasn't that just the quickest little post?

Fly Tying Season Has Begun

Snake Flies
Last Wednesday was the season opener for tying classes at First Light Anglers. Captain Nat Moody, one of the owners of the shop, started us off with a good versatile impressionistic critter, to limber up the bobbins and the vices. The design is a modified snake fly. This has Nat's signature bunny tail partially encased in easy body. It includes both types of rabbit strips in the construction. The zonker strip for the tail and then the cross cut strip palmered around the hook. Marabou covers the palmered crosscut. Bucktail is wrapped around the aft bunny tail. We finished off with a spun deer hair head. The head on the left is trimmed for a diver style fly. The other is a larger head used to push lots of water for surface action or a gurgler. If you are undecided, leave the heads bigger and trim waterside to suit conditions.

It was great to see all the guys at the class. The new format is well worth it. Only twenty more classes till striper season!

NaBloPoMo Ends Today

I'm Pooped
This is day thirty and this is post thirty. You know what? I really enjoyed it. Thanks to Eden Marriott Kennedy for creating and managing this great event. It has helped me be more disciplined about what to blog. It's also produced a nice springboard for continuing. Being committed to a set block of time forced me to establish some practices and think of things that needed to be done to sustain the site. The great thing was that there was not much grumbling about what to post. I just did it. Some things that happened to me during the day made good material for a post and I was excited to get it here. Other days would be uneventful. On those days I would go to a list of ideas I had created. The list was made before the month started. It's is not used up either. More content is coming! On days when there were guests in the house or other work needed to be done, I was able to a quickly post a photo, a short snippet from the day's events or something I found on the web. Another byproduct, my niece and friend Sara were inspired from my participation in the event to invest in their blogs. I tried to read postings from other NaBloPoMo participants too. I was amazed at the variety of bloggers out there. THANK YOU to everyone who left comments. I appreciate them. Don't stop commenting! It felt good, . . didn't it? Keep doing that comment thing. You won't go blind and you hands won't fall off. Best of all you can do it in private. . . or in public. . . you don't mind if people watch, do you? I know some people like to watch. Return here often and look for more stuff in the future, maybe even tomorrow.

Upcoming New Album - Linda Sharar, Everyday

Linda Sharar
Photo by Charan Devereaux

Today I received a copy of Linda Sharar's latest mixes from her upcoming album, Everyday. The album is in the final stages of being mixed. It's very exciting to get an early listen to what is going to be a wonderful new release. This will be Linda's third CD. She has previously recorded two other titles Participate and Any Second Street. Linda is also a coworker as well as a friend. To work with talented people like Linda is such an honor and a treat. I have known Linda since I became a software engineer. She is a wonderful and warm person with many talents. She always puts so much into everything she does and it really shows in these new songs. I remember a while back she had a twinkle in her eye and I knew something was up. I was right. She had told me she was going back into the studio to record another album. Everyone was extremely excited, since this would be an album that would be an outpouring of experiences and emotions following the birth of her daughter and her entrance into motherhood. Following the end of sleep deprivation and the terrible two's, she was now ready. There was a lot of hard work done in the studio and she also assembled a wonderful group of artists to help with the project. We got periodic updates and listed to snippets of the tracks that were being put down all during the process. Her enthusiasm and excitement as the project progressed was contagious. This album will be well worth the wait. The tracks are done and final production is in full swing.

Linda is also doing something special with this album she is donating a portion of the proceeds from the album to help cover the cost of special therapy equipment for her nephew with autism. You can read more about that and sign up to pre-purchase a copy of the CD here.

I've listened to the tracks and can't wait to listen again. As a special treat, Linda has allowed me to upload one of the songs to my blog. I've picked one of my favorites, Round the Corner. Click the link below to listen. You can also hear more songs from Linda's MySpace page. Enjoy!

Listen to: Round the Corner


Propeller Head Stuff

During this month's posting blitz I have made some small changes to the site. Some of the changes were done consciously and others were feature changes caused by a software upgrade. RapidWeaver version 3.6.5 is the software tool used to create this website. This website is being maintained using an Apple Macintosh computer .

For my own records and your unbridled curiosity in all things geeky, I'll list the changes to the site since the beginning of the month.

  • RapidWeaver software upgrade
  • I fixed my poor grammar in the banner slogan, replacing "of" with "from."
  • NaBloPoMo badge/link added to the sidebar
  • Tags feature added to postings
  • Tags cloud added in the sidebar
  • Tags are now in each posting
  • Category counts removed (reduces processing time during publishing)
  • "Category" in each posting changed to "Filed in"
  • Category delimiter changed from "," to "|" (That thing is called a pipe)
  • Multiple Categories and Tags are now supported
  • Removed "Permalink" at bottom of each post.
  • Each post title is now a hyperlink to the permanent link page
  • Comments can now be entered on the permanent link page, avoiding the comments pop-up
  • HaloScan comments engine upgraded
  • All images posted in the blog are viewable from a Photo Album page called "Stuff From the Blog"
  • Standardization of photo's in The Blog.
  • "Contact me" in footer was removed.
  • Archive no longer shows empty months.

After this month there should be some major changes. A new look and feel is planned. The blog will also move to the home page. When the new hardware is set up and working, there will finally be live weather updates. I'm too cheap to keep the current computer running 24/7 for updates. The new hardware will significantly reduce energy consumption. I'll have more on the hardware later.

Let me know if you noticed any other recent changes not documented here. If there is something want to see changed please let me know.


FFA Manual
Yes, I was a member. I spent a year at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute as a forestry major. I joined the FFA and achieved the degree of Greenhand. That's my pin attached to the cover. I never got one of those cool corduroy jackets, but I coveted the ones my classmates had. They made you look like you were a member of a motorcycle gang. Most people don't know about the FFA, but the movie Napoleon Dynamite put it on the map in this new century. Being at Essex Aggie was a wonderful experience. I sometimes regret that I left. The reasons I left were all good though. I enjoyed my limited time there and have many great memories of the place. Students got half a day in class and half a day in the field or on the farm. I got to manage timber stands, plant trees, study lots and lots of biology and also work at traditional farm skills. The staff were all friendly and helpful. My fellow students were a pleasure to be with and all had a good sense of themselves. My father always said I was the happiest there. It must have showed. Being on the super honor roll was evidence of that. Whenever I drive by the school I always feel a sense of pride and gratitude. I wish I could go back all over again.

McCormick Farmall Cub

McCormick Farmall Cub
Found this parked not far from our home.
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