Boogie Shoes

Boogie Shoes
This is one of Joanne and Mike's chickens. This girl is pretty funky with her dancing shoes, but rumor has it, she's dumb as a stick. We get eggs from them each week in season. Their eggs are wonderful, because of their strong shells and nice dark yokes. It may also have to do with the fact that these girls get to eat the things they forage for in the wooded area next to their home. They have quite a chicken complex and they are free range to the extent they are not allowed to visit the neighbors unexpectedly. Along with the chickens they also raise ducks. If you come to our house you may be treated to a duck omelet. It is hard to get used to to the idea but once you have one you'll be convinced. Duck eggs are slightly firmer with a larger yoke. These eggs also make a tastier egg salad. Joanne gives us fun facts with each egg delivery. Did you know you don't need a rooster to get eggs. I still have a hard time getting my head around that one. The color of an egg has to do with the chicken not the feed. If you want to know what color eggs a chicken will lay you check the color of their ear lobes. This photo was taken on a visit to "the source" this past summer.

Killer Performance

Killer Performance
SeaWorld 2004, taken with our first digital camera, a Canon A40. I love the blue tones in this shot.

Pomplemoosse Covers One of the Five




Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

This is a spanish moss draped tree from Devil's Millhopper State Park in Gainesville Florida.

I'm Lichen The iPhone Camera

Yesterday morning, on a long post "fall back" time change walk, a photographic opportunity presented itself. Before leaving home, I made a conscious decision not to bring my digital SLR camera, so as not to stop every two minutes and struggle with knobs and dials. We were accompanied by our neighbor Renee and her dog Zeke. Holding up Zeke's woodland explorations would be out of the question. The camera choice for the walk was the GPS equipped iPhone 3G. The GPS is a nice feature to navigate this stretch of woods which seems to have too many trails that cross and change direction with no logic. I humored myself with the thought that at least the phone had a camera of sorts. This is the older 3G sans "s". I long for the newer "s" model which has a better camera. While walking I remembered to do one important thing, clean the lens. It can get covered with fingerprints far too easily.

Let's get back said photographic opportunity shall we. . . Early in the walk this beautiful collection of lichen and moss encrusted on a large rock presented itself. I took one shot and was thoroughly satisfied. Upon return home, the image was post processed in less than five minutes and submitted to the blog album. The many colors, textures and shadows make a wonderful natural collage that I really enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

Lichens and Moss
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It's that time of year again!

Well folks, It's time again for late nights and remote posts. This year there may be a strong concentration of photography. I'm learning a bunch of new things and I will have to share them. I hope you will enjoy the images and feel free to give feedback. We'll see how it goes. I also want to invite and inspire a few more folks to join the fray. Happy NaBloPoMo everyone.

The Berkshires

Blue Staicase
We ventured to the Berkshires this summer for a weekend of music, gardens and mountain vistas. The goal was to attend two concerts at Tanglewood and take in some of the sights. We made it to the Berkshire Botanical Garden, The Norman Rockwell Museum and to Naumkeag. All with wonderful plantings and landscape design. We're so lucky to have the mountains in the west and the seacoast in the east. The combination of the lush landscape, iconic american images and the amazing music made for a decadent weekend retreat. There are some pictures from our weekend in the Photo Album.

A Walk in the Woods

Ravenswood Boardwalk
I took a walk in the woods today to try my hand at some macro photography. It was a beautiful fall day with lots of vibrant colors and textures. Take a look over at my photo album to see the rest of the pictures.

Now you know how tough I am.

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?

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Imogen Heap's Ellipse Is Here!

Please take a listen. We really enjoy her music. She is contagious and then becomes addicting.
Ellipse Album Cover

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Now that I know how to spell hydrangea, I can now write about them. This is the single bloom that came from our potted h-y-d-r-a-n-g-e-a (the e-a kills me), that sits on the front stairs of our porch in the summer. In the winter it lives in the basement. It has finally come fourth with a small contribution to our floral display, and it's a beauty. You may notice I use plural possessive pronouns when I refer to the upkeep and ownership of the garden. Although technically an accurate use of said pronouns, it is really my wife who takes care of the garden. I get to enjoy it. My domain is the lawn, vegetables and compost. Yep, monoculture, food and rotting organics. This picture was taken with my Lensbaby G2. I really have a lot of fun with this lens and I'm finally getting used to it.


Goose Neck
Surrounding the birdbath is one of my favorite plants in the garden, gooseneck. Many shun it due to it's invasive qualities, but in our difficult dry shade environment it is kept in check. Anything we can keep growing year after year is a victory. I love it's s-curve shape and the way the compound flowers open gradually from base to tip. The insects love the many flowers and there is never a time in daylight when something isn't buzzing about accepting its offering of nectar in exchange for pollination help.

The creation of this photo is another step in my struggle to become reacquainted with photography. I have now stepped fully into the digital SLR world. This has lead to a whole new way of working with images and includes many new skills both before and after the picture has been shot. I'm now working on my workflow skills utilizing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. I want to thank Eric for all his patience in helping me to get acclimated to this new software. The learning curve is steep but the rewards are amazing.

Indianapolis 500

Indy 500
We went out to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday with my family and to take in the annual sporting spectacular. These pictures are more about the adaptation of my photography workflow than anything else. Hopefully this new process will allow me to be more "agile" in getting my photos sorted and published from now on. There are plenty more things I have to publish. The pictures are now in the photo album for you to enjoy.

Lights Off, Everyone's Home

This Saturday at 8:30 your local time, turn off the lights. It's good for you and good for the planet. Visit Earth Hour to find more information.


Mosquito Lagoon

Polling at Sunset

I took a detour at the end of a January business trip to Mosquito Lagoon near Titusville Florida. The lagoon is located in the shadow of NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Florida's east coast. There I met up with Captain Scott MacCalla of Back Country Charters. We had a wonderful day and I caught my first fish of 2009. There was a record breaking cold spell going on during this week so the fish were not too interested in feeding until very late in the day. We ejected the bananas (bad fishing mojo to have them) that were in our lunch bags and once that was done the smell of skunk was gone. We soon found tailing redfish as the sun was setting. I've posted some of the pictures from the trip in the Photo Album.

Gloucester's Man At The Wheel To Be The Next Massachusetts State Quarter

In the near future when you flip a Massachusetts quarter, tails will be Gloucester's own Man At the Wheel.

Man At The Wheel
Photo Richard T. Scott

Here is some of the press.
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This video was a simple idea that became brilliant entertainment

I love seeing the subtile reactions of people when they realize what is going on. If you don't know about these type of restaurants in Japan, here is the gist. A conveyor belt rotates around the room with different food items. Patrons just grab what they want as the food passes by. The food item's price is denoted by the color of the plate. At the end of the meal the server totals up the number of plates you have and presents you with a bill.


We Had a Visitor Yesterday Morning

Here's what was outside the window yesterday morning when I looked out. A nice sharp-shinned hawk.

Sharp-shinned Hawk

My Next Boat

I have to get me one of these. That is one sweet ride!

My Next Boat

Here's how to get your own. Thanks John!

Fly Fishing Film Tour Dates Announced

Fly Fishing Film Tour Poster

First Light Anglers purchased the rights to the Fly Fishing Film Tour this year and are very excited about this event! They bounced around a bunch of different venues but decided to return again to Chunky's in Haverhill, MA as it offers food and beverages pretty easily!

First Light Anglers Hosts Fly Fishing Film Tour
Sunday, March 15th 6:30pm
Tickets: $15.00
Chunky's Cinema Pub
Haverhill, MA

Buy Tickets Here

View the trailers for the 2009 Film

Chunky's Directions


Southern Encounter

While I was down South during the Holidays, we stopped at the ABC to purchase some beer. It was in the 80's during yuletide. My brother-in-law and I spent a while debating which libations to purchase and we settled on Abita Turbo Dog made in Abita Springs, Louisiana and Sam Adams Boston Ale, made somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line. While at the register a voice from behind us asked "you yankees?" I turned to see a camo clad toothless gentleman as the question wholly sunk in. Knowing to not voice what I really wanted to say to someone still living in the mindset of the stars and bars, I paused. My reply was short, "I hate the Yankees, I'm a Red Sox Fan" I think we left him speechless.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best for the coming year. May your resolutions be kept and your wishes come true.
Stay warm, It's 8° F (-13° C) here.

Merry Christmas From 77° Fahrenheit


This is still very hard to get use to. But we must go where family is. We're having a wonderful time in spite of our days not being "merry and white" We're just settling for merry. Speaking of merry, it's past 5:00 PM and the lock on the liquor cabinet has been jimmied oen so I must join in the merriment.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday today!

Japan and Peru Videos

Greetings folks. Let's travel south and east today. I've now got this YouTube thing down pretty good. I'm also placing them on their own movie pages. Clever, I know. So Clever that I can even place them on this here blog page too. Please enjoy them with a little egg nog and christmas cookies.


Ice Storm

Ice Storm 2008
Photo by Chris Samoiloff

We were spared the wrath of last weeks storm because we live on the coast. Many folks were no so lucky. Many of my co-workers are not living at home due to power outages. Chris captured the essence of the storm in a Flickr stream that I want to share with you.

Amsterdam Video

Here is another travelog from a brief trip I took to Amsterdam in 2004 on business. There was a quick trip to Milan in the middle. I recently figured out I did not take a single picture while in Italy. Hopefully the set in Amsterdam made up for it. You can also find it in the Movie Album.

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Clouser Minnows on the Auction Block

Clouser Auction

Please check it out. They'd make a great gift for your favorite angler.

Secret Desire

Secret Desire

I just completed a set of flies for another fly swap. The theme for this swap was Steelhead Flies. This fly design has been swirling around my head for some time now. I'm glad I was finally able to interpret my thoughts into a pretty decent attempt. Please tell me what you think. Here is the recipe.

Secret Desire
Hook: TMC 7999 Salmon/Steelhead, Sz. 4
Thread: Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon, 210 Denier, Black
Tag: Mylar Tinsel, Silver
Tail: Whiting Bird Fur,Purple, Filoplume from the base of the feather
Body: Orvis Flexi Floss, Fuchsia
Rib: French Tinsel, Medium Oval, Silver
Underwing: Krystal Flash, UV Gray
Wing: Marabou Blood Quill, Hot Pink
Hackle: Whiting Bird Fur, Purple, Schlappen like larger feathers

Here is the family photo.

Secret Desire Family Shot

First Try With The LensBaby 3G

First Snow
Due to the overwhelming influence from this gentleman. I decided to buy a LensBaby 3G. Today was my first set of experiments with it. Since the 3G and Nikon do not play well I have to use a hand held light meter to get the right exposure. Today was a dark overcast day with pretty even lighting. It was also late in the day. I went extreme for the aperture and shot with it wide open for maximum distortion. The shutter speed was between 1/160 and 1/60 for ISO 100. Since changing the aperture requires the changing of iris discs, I made exposure adjustments with the shutter speed. Take a look and see what you think. I have a LensBaby section in the photo album. I hope to play more with the aperture discs on a brighter day or when I have more time to play using a tripod. So far I think this thing is pretty cool.

Matinicus Island Video

The first time we went to Matinicus Island, Maine we fell in love with the place. While experiencing it's newness, we took lots of pictures. I put them into a little slideshow video. Here it is for you to enjoy. It is also posted in the Movie Album.


I Decided To Take The Night Off From Blogging

See. . . nothing here. Just this empty post. Move along now.

All I Got Was This Lousy Sense Of Accomplishment

NaBloPoMo Accomplishment Badge

NaBloPoMo has come to an end. The marathon is over. I'm glad I joined again this year. It is very fun to do and it does feel really good to accomplish this. I might even get to take a night off now. A huge congratulations to Andrea for also finishing this year. I knew she could do it. I'm also curious to hear who will be my prize recipient. I donated a dozen fly fishing flies to this years prize pool. As always, thanks to Eden Kennedy for creating such a wonderful event.


Washington, DC

The White House

Our Thanksgiving destination this year was Washington, DC. We met with family and friends and had a wonderful time. Lots of love, food, conversation, fun and memories. In order not to suffocate our host Tim, we ventured out to see some of the sites on Friday. We had a great time seeing many of the sites along the mall. They included; The Smithsonian Castle, Washington Monument, The Capital, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Renwick Gallery, The White House, The American Art Museum and The National Portrait Gallery. I took a manageable amount of pictures on our tour and because of that, I've created an album with some of the highlights. Please have a look.

After the whirlwind tour we all met at Brasserie Beck for a wonderful birthday dinner and celebration. Kevin turns thirty this year and wanted to celebrate drinking Belgian beer. So we did! Thanks to our hosts and to the whole family for a wonderful time.

They Should Have Asked For My Advice

While flying to DC this week when I opened up my tray table I was accosted with these.
Airline Tray Table 1
Airline Tray Table 2
There was only one thing I kept thinking about. The pure white airsickness bags had no advertising on them and should have had Pepto-Bismol adds all over them.

What Did You Have?

The big meal came around 4:30 pm yesterday.

The Toast
Prosecco floated atop Creme de Cassi

First Course
Butternut Soup
Cranberry Nut Bread

The Main Event
Stuffing with Sausage
Mashed Potatoes
Brussel Sprouts
Mashed Turnip
Creamed Onions
Cranberry Sauce Jellied and Homemade Whole Berry With Ginger
Wines: Merlot and Shiraz
Apple Cider

Mile High Apple Pie With Vanilla Ice Cream
Pumkin Pie With Whipped Cream

What did you have?


This is misty, Tim's cat. Isn't she cute? What's the matter? You can't see the picture? Neither can I. Why you ask? Because I forgot to bring the card reader for the format my digital point and shoot camera uses. I have three of them. I also forgot a download cable. I have several of these also. Yes, the man who gets stopped at TSA checkpoints because he has too many electronic devices for a person to normally have, forgot some gear. Mrs. JohnLeJeune dot COM forgot hers too. Maybe another family member will make one magically appear and you will see Misty. Until that time I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday.
I'm finally able to add Misty.

New Links Page

  • The links page has been completed with commentary on each of the links.
  • Your welcome.
  • A lot more verbose than most links list.
  • Tell me about all the typos please.
  • I think I'll add a very concise favorite blogs list on the sidebar at some point.

Purple Sage Pottery

Purple Sage Pottery

A couple of weekends ago we had the opportunity to attend the fall studio sale at Purple Sage Pottery. The owner and principal at the studio is Iris Minc. I have known Iris for many years but have not seen her in for the past fifteen. It was nice to reconnect with her and also see her work. Many things have remained the same in her designs but she also has some new additions. It was fun to look at pieces that she has for sale knowing I have a twenty year old replica of the same thing. I'm always proud and delighted to use pieces I have gotten from Iris. Her pottery is an integral part of our kitchen. While other pieces have been victims of a free flight and an abrupt stop, I still have many that will become heirlooms upon my demise. Iris has classic arts and crafts style with her own touches of personal flair and whimsey. Browse her gallery and see what you like.

The Gnome Reserve And Wild Flower Garden

Gnome Moon

While traveling in England last summer I came upon a brochure and my heart leaped, I spotted The Gnome Reserve and Wild Flower Garden. Can you imagine? I did buy the gnome book in my youth but who would have thought. Four enchanted acres, one thousand plus gnomes, featuring the Gnome Airport, Space Rocket Launch Pad, the Circle of Imagination and best of all the Gnome Motor Bike Scramble. How famous is this gnome mecca of North Devon? Sixty plus times on T.V., touts the brochure. "Nowhere in the world is there anywhere like this magic spot at West Putford in North Devon" says United Press International. Travelocity eat your heart out. I know you're wondering what my first hand impressions are. What were the size of the gnomes? Did you get to see all the attractions? How were the cream teas in the garden? Um. . well, I don't know. We never went. Maybe next time.
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