A Wonderful Piece of New Year's Wisdom

I just read Death and Underachievement: A Guide to Happiness in Work by Ryan Norbauer over at 43 Folders. His compelling arguement, be happy with where you are right now, if you shot for the moon while setting all your goals, you may live a life of disappointment. He also reminds us just how small we are on the radar screen of life.

"each of us is one among 6.6 billion people (give or take), and that even if you were to attain a level of accomplishment that (let’s face it) you could never even dream of approaching—say, becoming prime minister of Canada—the vast majority of people now and ever living will never even have heard of you."

I guss this means not many people will ever read my blog. It's interesting, that I read this in anticipation of doing my annual review for work. Even more interesting is that Ryan is probably less than fifteen miles from me right now, a fact I discovered from his bio while creating his hotlink. By the way - Ryan is an overachiever as well as a very gifted writer.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks,

We're back from Florida where we had a visit with my in-laws. I have some stuff to post but I am going to try and upgrade the site first. Wish me luck. I have also moved the software over to a newer machine. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly.

Barbie Legs?

You decide.
Barbie Legs Carrot

McCormick Farmall Cub

McCormick Farmall Cub
Found this parked not far from our home.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Tin Lizzy
Tin Lizzy on Thanksgiving Day 2007

The Black Hole Theory is Clogged

Science was turned on it's ear today when the black hole theory was disproved at the residence of John LeJeune, an amateur black hole enthusiast. While preparing for guests to arrive this Thanksgiving season the two black holes LeJeune has been maintaining became clogged. The first hole, Garagetofil resisted yesterday when he tried to store a portable gas grill in it. "It just sort of made this belching sound and out came the grill. It wasn't like it just popped out in a short polite belch, it sort of rolled out slowly like a prolonged, how long can this last, kind of burp," said LeJeune "The grill landed upright and It just wouldn't go back in."

The second occurrence happened today. LeJeune was removing belongings saved from two family homes he assisted in clearing out and selling earlier this year. "The stuff just had to get out of the living and guest rooms. We were successful in removing the boxes yesterday and we thought that the other black hole, Atticanholdit, was fine. We didn't think we could reproduce the fluke that happened yesterday in a million years. Unfortunately I had one box of magazines to place in there early in the evening and when I placed them at the top of the ladder and shut the hatch they came flowing out like a waterfall. It was actually sort of artistic how the black hole cascaded the magazines down the ladder and then down the stairway. It was almost like it was apologetic that scientific theories about black holes could be refuted by an amateur like me. We had to put the magazines in a conventional recycle bin just to be safe"

NASA scientist are still dumbfounded that in the space of two days LeJeune was able to disprove years of scientific theory and research. Early NASA investigations confirm that the amateur did succeed in clogging both holes. They thought it could never be done.

Drum Machine by tokyoplastic

Tokyo Drum Machine
This came from Finding Japan. Christopher came across it from a Twitter post by Scott Lockman of Tokyo Calling. I enjoy finding these little gems on the internet. Japanese animation is amazing in it's bold simplicity. This is a Flash automation that must have taken a long time to create. Also check out tokyoplastic. You'll have to hunt around a bit to find out where to click. Once you do you will be delighted and surprised with the animation.

I have been very interested in Japan for a long time. My career took me in close contact with many people there and I now have coworkers who are on my project that live and work in Japan. I was fortunate enough to travel there on a business trip a few years ago. It had a life changing impact on me. Japan is a paradox. Some things are simple and others complicated . I'm naturally drawn to it's beauty and delicate people. To perpetuate my Japan fix I listen to Christopher, Rich and Scott's podcasts on my commute to and from work. I always find them interesting and entertaining.

Christopher is the newest podcaster from Japan. His podcasts have given me the most insight into how it is for an american visiting Japan. He is a graduate student studying there for a year. He was fortunate enough to have his company transfer him there so he is both working and attending school. His podcast and Blog is Finding Japan.

Scott Lockman is Japan's first podcaster. He is an english teacher working in Japan and lives there with his wife and three daughters. This man has an amazing speaking voice and should be doing voiceover for a living. He chronicles his life as an american who has lived there quite a while but speaks very little japanese. He also teaches podcasting and video blogging at one of the universities he teaches at. His podcast and blog is Tokyo Calling.

Rich Pav is another american married with two sons and living in Japan. He is in the high tech industry and covers many subjects in japanese culture. His podcasts are personal and thoughtful. It's interesting because he feels very self conscious about his recordings but he does not sound self conscious at all. Rich speaks his mind and is very real. His viewpoints on life give me a sense of his patience and tolerance for people. His podcast and blog is Herro Flom Japan.



Mary said write about spatzle. It was yummy but I thought too big,
I'm worried if I write about faggots people will take it the wrong way.
The station wagon is in the shop for routine service; rotate, balance, align an LOF.
We're trying to plan a schedule for t-day.
Jess wants to learn more about rugs. She sells tile.
The tree guy said two weeks. That expired today. He has not shown up yet.
My office needs to be cleaned for our house guests. Guess what I'm doing for the next two days.
We had a funeral to go to today. Too many memories of what I have not blogged about but need to.
The wood stove needs to be repaired. I just need time. We have seven cords of wood to burn.
My passport is still not renewed. It is a major priority one to do task.
Work is busy. We're trying to adopt a new process on how to build software.
I feel like I need to buy a new corkscrew.
I want to start tying more flies for fly fishing.
I worry my feed reader is too full to keep up with it.
I also need to clean my office at work.
Zeke's ACL surgery was a success. Zeke is our neighbor's dog.
We're debating a lot about if a boat is still part of our life. Sarah don't listen to this.
Eden and I have the same shoe size (I think).

Thanks for letting me dump on you. Time for a hot tub.

Scarecrow Football

Saw this on the way home from the farm Sunday. Talk about taking something to a whole new level.

Scarecrow Football
I've added all the current images from the blog to an album page in the Photo Album.


What the. . .
While driving down the road this summer, I was startled to find a GIANT FIBERGLASS STEER facing me on the road. This place ain't no prairie. This is fish town. Here was a blogging opportunity! I'm used to seeing the life size humpback whale parked across from the movie theater, but a steer, no. This was not your Hilltop Steakhouse life size steer, this was an oh-my-god size steer with it's own personal trailor. Seems like the folks at The Manor Inn have gone upscale. They are offering all organic, hormone free vegetarian fed beef. I bet this boy was fed nothing but resin and gel-coat. Seems that after I started researching this topic there a a whole lot of giant roadside cattle out there.