May 2006

May 2006 Rains

It ain't never this high
While at home Monday, captive to the weather, I decided to use my digital still camera to document this dramatic weather event locally. The camera also takes ten second digital movies. Monday was day eight of the nine day weather siege. This was my first venture into using Apple's iMovie HD. It was fun to use the fade effects and the editing features of the software. I still need to figure out how to do all the cool things it has to offer. The movie is on the May Rains Movie Page. The streaming feature and size limitation degraded the quality a bit, but you will still have a readable movie. It is just over a minute long so you should be able to tolerate it. The main character is the brook that runs next to our house and through our neighbor's property. Neighbors Julie and Neil own the pond and brook. How cool is that! Most of the time the brook is a bit over a trickle. Other times it is actually dry. The movie shows the other side of it's personality. If you do not have Apple's QuickTime Player loaded on your computer you'll have to install it. You can go here to get the program free from Apple. It seems like it plays better using the latest version.

There was so much rain that the railroad tracks at the end of the street were flooded. They needed to be re-bedded immediately. Tuesday when I drove by there must have been six or seven on track construction machines frantically replacing ties. The refuse pile of old ties shows considerable damage and decay.

The one hundredth anniversary of the Essex County Ornithological Club (ECOC) annual canoe trip scheduled for Saturday.
it is in jeopardy of not taking place. The Ipswich River is still well over flood stage. For the safety of all, it will most likely not happen. It's ironic that this weather event coincides with such a momentous time in the club's history. You can read more about it here. Thanks for documenting it Jim.

One of the early annual ECOC canoe trips.

Matinicus is Booked for 2006

We just got word from the owner of our rental cottage. We are now booked for our week of blissful boredom and copious napping. Matinicus is about 23 miles off the coast of Rockland Maine. It is as charming as it is rugged. We really enjoy being on one of the most remote inhabited Islands off the coast of Maine.

The Southern end of Matinicus Island, Maine.

First Harvest

Some brazing greens were harvested today. Washed them well, whorled them in the salad spinner. (We use an OXO spinner. The thing is amazing. You could dry clothes in it. OK, OK, . . . just your bathing suit) A quick saute in butter and olive oil and we took a trip straight to organic veggie heaven. YUM! The first batch of lettuce is doing great. It will not be long until the summer salads start coming straight from the garden. We will need to stock up on salad dressing.

The Lettuce and Greens
This is our first Planting of Lettuce. Sorrell and brazing greens are in the foreground.

Well. . . You have to start somewhere.

This is a start anyway. I have this new program called RapidWeaver that I'm going to test drive. The thing is pretty darn easy to use. It's a "just add water" kind of tool for creating your own website. Let's see if my grandiose ideas can make it on to paper. . er. . . um electronically rendered content? Whatever! Let me know what you think, and don't be shy.

Rapid Weaver