Barbie Legs?

You decide.
Barbie Legs Carrot


FFA Manual
Yes, I was a member. I spent a year at Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute as a forestry major. I joined the FFA and achieved the degree of Greenhand. That's my pin attached to the cover. I never got one of those cool corduroy jackets, but I coveted the ones my classmates had. They made you look like you were a member of a motorcycle gang. Most people don't know about the FFA, but the movie Napoleon Dynamite put it on the map in this new century. Being at Essex Aggie was a wonderful experience. I sometimes regret that I left. The reasons I left were all good though. I enjoyed my limited time there and have many great memories of the place. Students got half a day in class and half a day in the field or on the farm. I got to manage timber stands, plant trees, study lots and lots of biology and also work at traditional farm skills. The staff were all friendly and helpful. My fellow students were a pleasure to be with and all had a good sense of themselves. My father always said I was the happiest there. It must have showed. Being on the super honor roll was evidence of that. Whenever I drive by the school I always feel a sense of pride and gratitude. I wish I could go back all over again.

McCormick Farmall Cub

McCormick Farmall Cub
Found this parked not far from our home.

Dear Milk Carton Graphic Designer

Very funny. Do you fulfill a secret sadistic pleasure every time someone OPENS THE MILK CARTON THE WRONG WAY! The arrow goes next to the word "Open" Not next to the words "Sell By". And if you retort that one should read what is says. I will reply - I did read it! - forty three years ago and it has not changed on me until you decided to get your jollies. So Pleas fix it. I was able to.

Your view of the world.
Milk Carton Madness

The Correct View of the World
Milk Carton Correctness

Who's This?

Ginger Cat

We call it (gender unknown) Ginger Cat. Ginger Cat is a well taken care of cat belonging to neighbors we don't even know. They are not very close but Ginger Cat's territory obviously extends to our house. Just ask our summer neighbor cat Cutie. Ginger Cat chased her up a tree one day when Cutie was spotted on our patio. When the mood strikes, Ginger Cat comes to visit us. When a cat comes to visit this household it gets the royal treatment, patting, snuggles, belly rubs, you name it. Sometimes we let them into the house to say hi to whomever is in the house. It is usually a nice surprise. WE NEVER FEED THESE BEASTS! (bad idea = friend for life) But If you are a cat that attends the John LeJeune School of Cat Love, even for a brief time, you will want more. My sister and brother in law from Indiana are here and they went to the same cat love graduate school I went to. So Ginger Cat decided to visit Friday evening and got some major snuggles. After a while, I was a bit concerned and I did not want Ginger Cat to get too comfortable. We were also very tired so I showed Ginger Cat the door. I remember this distinctly.

Saturday morning comes around and we are saying our good mornings when my sister asks if we'd left the front door open last night. I said "no, why would we do that, it was thirty two degrees outside last night." She said the door was open so she closed it. I apologized profusely remembering that my wife had brought in a big ficus tree Friday because of impending frost. She must not have shut it tightly. Then my brother in law asked what time we let Ginger Cat back in last night. I said "Huh. We have a new couch. I don't want overnight pets any more." He said that the cat was walking around the house most of the night and they finally let it out. I then checked the screen for the front door and it was un-latched. This is too weird.

A while later we are all out side stacking firewood and along comes GC, who walks up to the screen door, opens it with a flick of its paw and tries to give the front door a big push. (I had bolted it.) Ah ha! We found our cat burglar! and then Ginger Cat was all "you ain't lettin me in?. . . then I'm outta here" walking away showing us nothing but its tail.