Happy Birthday Olivia!

You're one year old today.
There is a wonderful posting over at momma's blog.
Birthday Girl

I love it when she talks salty

We're unloading a couple of yards of topsoil from the Black Beast (aka the pick-up truck). In the final stages she is sweeping down the bed to get the last vestages of the soil off the truck. I ask her to start from the top and work down to the tailgate. "Do you want me to do the gunwales?" - I pause and think, did I hear that right? Then I flush with pride. "YES!" I say. . . I love it when she talks salty. Besides, it wasn't that much of a stretch. I have boat cleats on the side of my truck. They must be gunwales.


Happy Birthday Brian!

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Yes, her brain was replaced with a horseshoe

I just read my niece's latest blog post in anticipation of a certain football game taking place this Sunday in the land of corn. I am very sorry to say that the former New Englander was most likely the victim of an act more gruesome than the results of Dr. Frankenstein's experiments. Instead of bolts protruding from her neck there is a horseshoe swelling from her frontal lobe. Obviously the folks out there need to take some lessons from the doctors that produced those pretty ladies from Stepford. Thankfully my grand niece Olivia is staying true to her New England roots. Her traitorous brother however, has obviously been under the influence of his father while his mother was under the knife.

Proper Attire for New England Stock

Welcome to the world Olivia Marie Dunkerly!

This little cutie was born this morning. She is my first grand niece. I already have a grand nephew. Right Carter? She is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday little girl. May all your dreams come true.
Olivia 3
Her are some more photos.