Upcoming New Album - Linda Sharar, Everyday

Linda Sharar
Photo by Charan Devereaux

Today I received a copy of Linda Sharar's latest mixes from her upcoming album, Everyday. The album is in the final stages of being mixed. It's very exciting to get an early listen to what is going to be a wonderful new release. This will be Linda's third CD. She has previously recorded two other titles Participate and Any Second Street. Linda is also a coworker as well as a friend. To work with talented people like Linda is such an honor and a treat. I have known Linda since I became a software engineer. She is a wonderful and warm person with many talents. She always puts so much into everything she does and it really shows in these new songs. I remember a while back she had a twinkle in her eye and I knew something was up. I was right. She had told me she was going back into the studio to record another album. Everyone was extremely excited, since this would be an album that would be an outpouring of experiences and emotions following the birth of her daughter and her entrance into motherhood. Following the end of sleep deprivation and the terrible two's, she was now ready. There was a lot of hard work done in the studio and she also assembled a wonderful group of artists to help with the project. We got periodic updates and listed to snippets of the tracks that were being put down all during the process. Her enthusiasm and excitement as the project progressed was contagious. This album will be well worth the wait. The tracks are done and final production is in full swing.

Linda is also doing something special with this album she is donating a portion of the proceeds from the album to help cover the cost of special therapy equipment for her nephew with autism. You can read more about that and sign up to pre-purchase a copy of the CD here.

I've listened to the tracks and can't wait to listen again. As a special treat, Linda has allowed me to upload one of the songs to my blog. I've picked one of my favorites, Round the Corner. Click the link below to listen. You can also hear more songs from Linda's MySpace page. Enjoy!

Listen to: Round the Corner


Drum Machine by tokyoplastic

Tokyo Drum Machine
This came from Finding Japan. Christopher came across it from a Twitter post by Scott Lockman of Tokyo Calling. I enjoy finding these little gems on the internet. Japanese animation is amazing in it's bold simplicity. This is a Flash automation that must have taken a long time to create. Also check out tokyoplastic. You'll have to hunt around a bit to find out where to click. Once you do you will be delighted and surprised with the animation.

I have been very interested in Japan for a long time. My career took me in close contact with many people there and I now have coworkers who are on my project that live and work in Japan. I was fortunate enough to travel there on a business trip a few years ago. It had a life changing impact on me. Japan is a paradox. Some things are simple and others complicated . I'm naturally drawn to it's beauty and delicate people. To perpetuate my Japan fix I listen to Christopher, Rich and Scott's podcasts on my commute to and from work. I always find them interesting and entertaining.

Christopher is the newest podcaster from Japan. His podcasts have given me the most insight into how it is for an american visiting Japan. He is a graduate student studying there for a year. He was fortunate enough to have his company transfer him there so he is both working and attending school. His podcast and Blog is Finding Japan.

Scott Lockman is Japan's first podcaster. He is an english teacher working in Japan and lives there with his wife and three daughters. This man has an amazing speaking voice and should be doing voiceover for a living. He chronicles his life as an american who has lived there quite a while but speaks very little japanese. He also teaches podcasting and video blogging at one of the universities he teaches at. His podcast and blog is Tokyo Calling.

Rich Pav is another american married with two sons and living in Japan. He is in the high tech industry and covers many subjects in japanese culture. His podcasts are personal and thoughtful. It's interesting because he feels very self conscious about his recordings but he does not sound self conscious at all. Rich speaks his mind and is very real. His viewpoints on life give me a sense of his patience and tolerance for people. His podcast and blog is Herro Flom Japan.


The Lascivious Biddies Were In Town!


We took a trip to Fitchburg Friday night to see the all girl cocktail pop band The Lascivious Biddies. The band roll call starts with Lee Ann Westover, lead vocals, Lily Maase, guitar & vocals, Deidre Rodman, piano, melodica, train whistle and vocals, and Saskia Sunshine Lane, bass and vocals. This venue was different from the first time we saw the Biddies which was at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. This time they put on a stage show in one of Fitchburg State College's performing arts centers, The Percival Auditorium. This was a real treat. The acoustics and the well managed Bose sound system were spot on for the type of music they create. The two sets were very complete with favorite originals such as Texas and Famous, new covers To Keep My Love Alive, previously recorder covers, Paper Moon, You Don't Own Me and some debut songs we had not heard before, Saskai's Odd Bird and Diedre's brand new tribute Coney Island Day. Some of the new songs can be found on their latest release the EP Love You Mean It. We were very very interested in finding out how the band would change with new guitarist Lily Maase. She immediately put us to ease with her lyrical guitar styling, vocals and her ability to rock out when it was time for her solo's. Lee Ann's was up to her usual fun antics and amazing vocals. This woman has pipes! She anchors the show with lascivious skill! Deidre's diversity of talent has really anchored the eclectic styling of the group. Her solo Coney Island Day a tribute to the now closed Coney Island amusement park was wonderful. The treat of the night was Odd Bird written by Saskia Lane. The witty and amusing lyrics were full of fun and Saskia's bass solo was beautifully intense reminding me of many bass solos from Keith Jarret recordings. I was happy to hear new music from them in both original songs and standards. My private dream was that they would move in the direction of jazz standards and some show tunes done with their unique twist. They have helped that dream come true. In addition, the new works from the huge level of talent within the band is continuing to keep their repertoire exciting and diverse. The full program satisfied all at the new venue. It involved solos, group participation, Mad Libs (yes fill in the blank), and an encore. I'm glad we got to see the Biddies again My only wish is that they could play the Boston area more often.

After the show we got to chat with the ladies and finally introduce ourselves in person instead of email. They are as lovely and gracious as they are talented. I originally found out about the Lascivious Biddies during a newscast about podcasting. With a name like theirs, I just had to find out more. The group has a full dedication to the cyber world thanks to Lee Ann, with the podcast, blog, full feature web presence, My Space pages and now a You Tube page. They Biddies were solely responsible for getting me into the world of podcasts. A world I could now not be without during my long commutes. It has fully replaced my addiction to books-on-tape. I always look forward to new podcasts from the Bids. They are silly, insightful and intimate.

Thanks again ladies for a throughly enjoyable evening. By the way. . . LOVE the shoes!