Roller Derby

Roller Derby and Dewars - Can it get any better?

BDD & Dewars
Last night the after party was sponsored by Dewar's. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. . .

The bout was amazing. The Nutcrackers defeated the Cosmonaughties 69-42. This was a total vindication of the prior lopsided contest and more of what I want to see in Boston's newest sport. I'll reserve judgement on the other team in the league until we see their next appearance. There was nonstop action, great skating and the penalty box was crowded. The thrills and spills were nonstop and the off track entertainment was fun. The teams are skating better and we are seeing the jammers really come into their own. The skills of the pivots and blockers have improved and they are really regulating the pace of the game. Time is passing much more quickly and scores are being updated sooner. All these improvements are making for a much more enjoyable night of action and fun. Adding frosting to the cake, we met up with a new rolled derby celebrity Ballistic Miss L. of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby. It was a nice surprise to see her and for her to come all the way down from the wilds of central New Hampshire. Come with us to the next bout on February 9th and hopefully see a seagull get it's wings clipped.

My Nuts Got Crushed

The Nutcrackers were crushed by the Wicked Pissahs at last Saturday night's roller derby bout. Final score was 142 to 41. Yes, they were beat by 101 points. I'm depressed. You can learn more about The Boston Derby Dames at their website. Hopefully the next bout will not be a blowout.

Here are two BDD hopefuls for the next bout.
New Prospects

Roller Derby!

Yes sports fans, there is a roller derby league right here in the Boston area. They are members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Roller Derby traces it's roots back to the Depression-era days. It has seen popularity in the 50's, 70's and is now back in the new century. The athletes are smart, edgy, athletic and know how to have a good time. A coworker of mine, Lois Carmen Dominator (#011), is a member of the Boston Derby Dames and skates for the Nutcrackers.
LCD Flexes for the Camra
I'll quote from last night's program about the origins of the Nutcrackers:

Expelled form the Académie for conduct unbecoming of a dancer, this troupe of ballerina bruisers sought a sport where their talents for cussing and brawling would be put to better use. Trading toe shoes for quad skates, The Nutcrackers are now kicking ass and breaking legs with the Boston Derby Dames.

Need I say more? Well I will. This is a really fun time and great entertainment for the whole family, except for the cussin' part. It is part serious, part tongue-in-cheek, but the ladies supply a lot of action packed excitement well worth the price of admission. Once you figure out how points are scored you'll know when to cheer. And cheer you will! Along the way there are thrills and spills that keep the sport interesting, The skaters really enjoy themselves and although they are competative there is a lot of inter team comraderie.

Last night's bout, Red Scare on Swan Lake, was the Nutcrackers first bout of the season. Unfortunately the 'crackers took a beating from the Cosmonaughties who are still reved from their last victory against the Wicked Pissas. Better luck next time for the tribe with the tutu's.
Red Scare on Swan Lake